Bunny Trail

The bunnies are back...

Last year’s bunnies were a hop-away success!

We’ve got even more bunnies in even more shops this year, the bingo cards and map of the trail route can be downloaded here…


(If finding a particular bunny is driving you hopping mad, the Visitor Centre on Museum street is open until 830pm and they can give you a clue!)


ARTISTS/ + Ebay auction


1 . Jade Duque   Designer  –   Ù

  1. Rainbow Ceramics Ceramic Studio Ù
  2. Zosia Olenska Artist Ù
  3. Liz Foster Artist Ù
  4. Roger Horberry Writer Ù
  5. Jane Atkin Jewelry designer
  6. Julie Ann Smith Surface pattern designer Ù
  7. Doug James Designer Ù
  8. Ramshambles Knitters
  9. Kayleigh Oliver Crafter Ù
  10. Moons of Guiseley Cloth Weavers
  11. Richard Corrigan Designer Ù
  12. York Cocoa House Chocolatiers
  13. Jo Walton Artist Ù
  14. Kai West/ Art Barge Musician Ù
  15. Wood Richardson Printers Ù
  16. Ed Poxon Ceramicist/ Lecturer Ù
  17. Louis Formhals Design student Fulford School
  18. Becky Ridsdel Ceramicist Ù
  19. Jade Blood Artist Ù
  20. Rosie Upright/ Suck UK Designer Ù
  21. Maraid Design Web designers Ù
  22. Alison Hardcastle Illustrator Ù
  23. Lucy Tibble Design student Arch Bishop’s Holgate School
  24. Kate Semple Designer Ù
  25. Bang Hair Hairdressers Ù
  26. Nayan Kulkarni Artist Ù
  27. David Semple Illustrator Ù
  28. Make Your Mark Stamp makers Ù
  29. Brew and Brownie Coffee house Ù
  30. Heinrich and Palmer Artists Ù
  31. Mass Architecture Architects
  32. Phoebe Fenwick Graphic designer
  33. New Visuality Charity Ù
  34. According to McGee/ Myth America Gallery Ù
  35. LazenbyBrown Brand design agency Ù
  36. United by Design Graphic designers Ù
  37. Lotte Inch Curator Ù
  38. Rich Storey Designer Ù
  39. Peter Byrne Photographer Ù
  40. Laura Carolan Fine art student. York St Johns Uni Ù
  41. Snowhome Design / retail  Ù
  42. Dawn Ridsdel 3D design student York College Ù
  43. Mark Hearld Artist Ù
  44. One & Other Creative agency Ù
  45. Daniel Benneworth-Gray Designer Ù
  46. Choir of Vision Designers Ù
  47. Kayla Mundy/Paragon creative prop maker Ù
  48. Emily Hayes Illustrator Ù
  49. Beth Savage Artist Ù


Ù = Bunny for sale on the Ebay charity auction. Search “ Bunnytrail16” on Ebay to bid.